Thursday, January 6, 2011

i feel beautiful today

i am in a beautiful mood today<33 I'm not sure why...I just am. Today wasn't even the greatest day. I guess its just those little things.
The Bad:
Some of my friends were sad
i cant be in photography
I have to take spanish instead of photography
i couldn't pay attention in my classes
i was really tired :/

The Good:
I got to see my friends
I listened to the song Dont worry be happy
My (amazing) art teacher told the rock band teacher about how i play the ukulele and how i have a good singing voice. (i've secretly always wanted to be in Advanced Band) and now i'm closer than i have been to being in it.
All of my homework isn't due til next week x)

People say that i have a good voice. Its kinda strange. I dont see myself as having a really good voice...well.. i guess i did until i put videos on youtube of me singing and everyone said i sucked..that realy made my confidence level go down A LOT!! so thats how all that went down.. :/

So thats my day(:

i'll put pics on later :P