Sunday, January 23, 2011

just random things bout me.

I listen to rap when im depressed
I can fall asleep to metal\screamo music
Lately i feel like a boring person.
Unfortunaitly i take things personally. :(
Im listenin to lil wayne right now....not that bad..
I havent had a boyfriend for 10 months.
I wish i could rap
I wish i could scream
I wish i was a good singer
I wish i could play the piano better
I wish i didnt wish things as much as i do.
Lately ive felt like shit... i dont like feeling that way.
You suck.
I love you.
You piss me off.
I let everyone walk all over me. All my life.
Im shy.
I think my dark hair looks prty smexii hahaha
I really wana put green in my hair...
But i cant because of modeling.
I want a normal highschool experience.
But i dont wana leave my friends at my school
Wait..what friends?
I dont care anymore..

Wow...i sound really really emo right now
I guess im in a pissy sad emo mood at the moment.

I dont wan go to school anymore....


Well u know how i say i hav nofriends.. i do im just so sick and tired of their bullshit...
Just wanted to make that clear...
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