Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years eve ALREADY?!?! + pics..

Hey! Guess what day it is?? Its the last day of 2010!!! Wow, time went by wayyyy to fast for it to be the end of the year already... its honestly really f-ing crazy how fast it went. It feels like it was just yesterday when it was the last day of 2009. I'm not even kidding. Plus everything that happened this year made it go faster also.. (having drama in your life makes things go faster i noticed..) hahaha.
I really need to get more followers.. :'( it makes me sad to know that only 1 person is following me.. and the other person is me. I am a dork..
so i hung out with my friends yesterday and it was very very weird. I also got a really cute top at urban outfitters. it was $10.00 (yay for sale racks!!) Its a crop top with the british flag on it. I think its really cute!
I took lots of pictures with my friend the other day. You should look at them..

my new top.
not a great picture.. i look sorta fat. :/
but HEY! Its a cute top right? hahaha

Monday, December 27, 2010

Yet another Christmas Party

We are having our 3rd christmas tonight lol. Yesterday my friends family came over and we had dinner and opened presents and tonight my dads side of the family is coming over witch is pretty cool because we never really have them all over at once.. and really, their not all coming over. just a few people but still! it doesn't really happen lol.
I really wanted my bff ocean to come over too but since we have 13 people coming over including us, my mom said no.. :(
BUT we are going to go shopping alll day tomorrow and i'm realy excited (:

I put really pretty fairy lights on my bed yesterday. Its really pretty but when i was trying to go to sleep last night it got really annoying... and i'm to lazy to unplug it because thats just the way i role ;)
also, as you can see, i have a string of beatles pictures right next to my bed. its awesome...ur jealous. 

I'm really getting into the indie theme lately. But i also really like that emo/alternative look i guess u could call it. Not so much emo, but paramore type of thing. idk lol. 

soo yeah... 

its my ukulele for decoration. I have an actual one that my dad got me. my mom got me this one. But this one doesn't really work very well.. :( unfortunately.. :( 


soooo yeahhhh... 

My niece is here with her boyfriend anthony.  Isn't it so strange that i have a niece who's older than me?! shes like 3 years older. its a little awkward but shes still really cool. 

so i'm like waiting for my cousin Cameron to come over now.. hes awesome(: hes my only cousin who's my age! :D

well i seriously kinda have to go now.
so this is goodbye.. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some random pics and shit

haha that was in a song i sung in girl scouts x)

i want to do that to a watermelon!! :D

sooo yeahh... hope you like these pictures (:

even tho no one looks at this site.. :(

Christmas Day was a great day!

Soooo today i got a Ukulele and A MACBOOK!!! i'm so happy for both!!! (: (: their the most amazing gifts ever!!! (: (: (: My friend Ocean got a macbook too and when she comes back from her grandmas house we are going to play around with ours and figure them out. We always somehow get the same things for christmas! We are also going to have a shopping spree like we did last year. we spent 7 hours total at the mall. 2 hours one day and 5 hours the next. We got A LOT of stuff last year. and this year i'm super excited because i got lots of gift cards to my fav places.
damn...i feel like i'm bragging A LOT. i'm really sorry. i'm not a spoiled rich bitch.. :/
I'm just excited and its Christmas. You guys would do the same thing too!
Soo yeahh.... (:
i'm happy.

Pictures later. bye.

and tell your friends about this blog. PLEASEEE

Friday, December 24, 2010

Post present opening..

So we are done opening our presents tonight! I got a harmonica!! It is sooo awesome! I can NOT stop playing it!!! (: its very addicting. ;) I figured out how to play it instantly. yay me!!
We got my dad a 1969 Epifone Electric guitar and 10 lessons from my guitar teacher. My dad has always wanted to play but has been so scared to for some odd reason.. Hes scared of lots of things. Even planes. We went to Europe 3 years ago and we had to take a boat, train, car, subway train thing and we walked and stuff but we took everything BUT an airplane.. :/ It was irking. lol
Soooo yeah (:
Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings..

me jammin on my harmonica and my acoustic named Sue! hahaha

random pictures

Just some random pictures from the internet that i found that I apsolutly love! (i will post some more but i wanted to see how this would turn out lol)

Christmas eve sleepover pics!

this is what we do at a sleepover now-a-days


I will put more pictures of our wonderful photo-shoot up later.
my computer is being an idiot at the moment..

Hello! (happy christmas eve!)

So first off i would like to say HELLO! This is my new blog! I made it at 12 in the morning with my friend at a sleepover last night. This blog will consist of pictures, blogs, and more pictures!! (possibly music too?) I'm really into indie pictures and i love taking photography! You are definitely going to see my photography on here! I hope to blog as much as i can, and when i cant its probably because I'm busy with school and all that shit that goes on in a teenagers life.
It is Christmas Eve right now! I'm really excited to open presents!! This year I'm not into opening presents, i like giving people presents. I feel greety (spelling?) when people give me stuff because i already have a whole lot to start with! I mean there are some things that i really want, like a Ukulele and a Macbook but other than that, i just really wouldn't mind just getting money. But i know i got more than just that. My mother is finding everything she sees and buying it. But its understandable! A parent wants to show their love for their kids so they buy stuff! So its kinda fine i guess? Its not my fault that i have a little more under the tree than some people..right?? Its just a sign of love!
Well..whatever. i know i will love what i get(: 
bye. x)