Sunday, January 9, 2011

(Love...) on my mind right now. (poem)

Love is confusing
I hate what its become
It used to be all fairy tales
but now look what its done? 

I always thought it'd go my way
or it would turn out right.
but so far it hasn't..
thats gone on all my life. 

One time i thought i found it
thought i could just relax
but then one day,
im sad to say,
it bit me in the ass.

So now i'm here 
just waiting here
for that someone to arrive
But i'm losing hope
so much hope
that i think my love has died.

All the guys i want to date
sadly all have girlfriends
like you for instance...

I love you
Your my best friend
We used to talk all night
But then something happend
and now nothings right. 
its a very sad sight. 

I'm depressed now
I'm sad.
Did i do something wrong? 
Did i annoy you so much thats
why you've ignored me for so long?

I feel like i'm contagous.
people talk to me then leave
never answer my phone calls 
now i'm starting to believe

that this love thing isn't working out
especially for me
its been to long
since i found someone
it really sux for me.

(so i write poems when i need to get things out. Haha. its everything going through my head at this moment)