Friday, January 28, 2011

Left school early today. Im going out of town (yet again). More long car rides... woohoo..
I got a weeks worth of homework i gota do while im gone.. that part is ok but i might have to sit thru science class on monday and wednesday through skype.. and myclass is an hour and a half. I could be tannin but nooo, ill be sitting thru class for lik 2 hours!
But ill just say that skype doesnt work.. witch it probably wont in the middle of the ocean hahah.
Oh yeah..did i mention i was going to the carribean...on a cruise? Lol idk if i did in some earlier post hah.
And i had to resite a poem to my acting teacher today.. i totally failed the first time.. im sooo scared. She might not think that i deserve the part that she might give me for our play cuz i cant resite a poem. I think i did super good in my auditon. And it would really suck if i didnt get a good part just cuz i fucked up resiting my poem cuz i was nervous! But i did better the second time..luckily...haha

Gtg pack and stuff haha
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