Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years eve ALREADY?!?! + pics..

Hey! Guess what day it is?? Its the last day of 2010!!! Wow, time went by wayyyy to fast for it to be the end of the year already... its honestly really f-ing crazy how fast it went. It feels like it was just yesterday when it was the last day of 2009. I'm not even kidding. Plus everything that happened this year made it go faster also.. (having drama in your life makes things go faster i noticed..) hahaha.
I really need to get more followers.. :'( it makes me sad to know that only 1 person is following me.. and the other person is me. I am a dork..
so i hung out with my friends yesterday and it was very very weird. I also got a really cute top at urban outfitters. it was $10.00 (yay for sale racks!!) Its a crop top with the british flag on it. I think its really cute!
I took lots of pictures with my friend the other day. You should look at them..

my new top.
not a great picture.. i look sorta fat. :/
but HEY! Its a cute top right? hahaha