Friday, December 24, 2010

Post present opening..

So we are done opening our presents tonight! I got a harmonica!! It is sooo awesome! I can NOT stop playing it!!! (: its very addicting. ;) I figured out how to play it instantly. yay me!!
We got my dad a 1969 Epifone Electric guitar and 10 lessons from my guitar teacher. My dad has always wanted to play but has been so scared to for some odd reason.. Hes scared of lots of things. Even planes. We went to Europe 3 years ago and we had to take a boat, train, car, subway train thing and we walked and stuff but we took everything BUT an airplane.. :/ It was irking. lol
Soooo yeah (:
Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings..

me jammin on my harmonica and my acoustic named Sue! hahaha