Monday, December 27, 2010

Yet another Christmas Party

We are having our 3rd christmas tonight lol. Yesterday my friends family came over and we had dinner and opened presents and tonight my dads side of the family is coming over witch is pretty cool because we never really have them all over at once.. and really, their not all coming over. just a few people but still! it doesn't really happen lol.
I really wanted my bff ocean to come over too but since we have 13 people coming over including us, my mom said no.. :(
BUT we are going to go shopping alll day tomorrow and i'm realy excited (:

I put really pretty fairy lights on my bed yesterday. Its really pretty but when i was trying to go to sleep last night it got really annoying... and i'm to lazy to unplug it because thats just the way i role ;)
also, as you can see, i have a string of beatles pictures right next to my bed. its awesome...ur jealous. 

I'm really getting into the indie theme lately. But i also really like that emo/alternative look i guess u could call it. Not so much emo, but paramore type of thing. idk lol. 

soo yeah... 

its my ukulele for decoration. I have an actual one that my dad got me. my mom got me this one. But this one doesn't really work very well.. :( unfortunately.. :( 


soooo yeahhhh... 

My niece is here with her boyfriend anthony.  Isn't it so strange that i have a niece who's older than me?! shes like 3 years older. its a little awkward but shes still really cool. 

so i'm like waiting for my cousin Cameron to come over now.. hes awesome(: hes my only cousin who's my age! :D

well i seriously kinda have to go now.
so this is goodbye..