Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello! (happy christmas eve!)

So first off i would like to say HELLO! This is my new blog! I made it at 12 in the morning with my friend at a sleepover last night. This blog will consist of pictures, blogs, and more pictures!! (possibly music too?) I'm really into indie pictures and i love taking photography! You are definitely going to see my photography on here! I hope to blog as much as i can, and when i cant its probably because I'm busy with school and all that shit that goes on in a teenagers life.
It is Christmas Eve right now! I'm really excited to open presents!! This year I'm not into opening presents, i like giving people presents. I feel greety (spelling?) when people give me stuff because i already have a whole lot to start with! I mean there are some things that i really want, like a Ukulele and a Macbook but other than that, i just really wouldn't mind just getting money. But i know i got more than just that. My mother is finding everything she sees and buying it. But its understandable! A parent wants to show their love for their kids so they buy stuff! So its kinda fine i guess? Its not my fault that i have a little more under the tree than some people..right?? Its just a sign of love!
Well..whatever. i know i will love what i get(: 
bye. x)