Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day was a great day!

Soooo today i got a Ukulele and A MACBOOK!!! i'm so happy for both!!! (: (: their the most amazing gifts ever!!! (: (: (: My friend Ocean got a macbook too and when she comes back from her grandmas house we are going to play around with ours and figure them out. We always somehow get the same things for christmas! We are also going to have a shopping spree like we did last year. we spent 7 hours total at the mall. 2 hours one day and 5 hours the next. We got A LOT of stuff last year. and this year i'm super excited because i got lots of gift cards to my fav places.
damn...i feel like i'm bragging A LOT. i'm really sorry. i'm not a spoiled rich bitch.. :/
I'm just excited and its Christmas. You guys would do the same thing too!
Soo yeahh.... (:
i'm happy.

Pictures later. bye.

and tell your friends about this blog. PLEASEEE